What’s the best time of day for photos?

While the brightest time outside might seem like the obvious choice, it’s not always the best for interior photos, especially in darker homes. Let’s dive into the nuances of lighting and discover when is the ideal time to showcase your properties.

Bright Isn’t Always Right: Interior Challenges

Contrary to popular belief, the brightest time of day might not be the shining moment for every property. Darker homes, in particular, can pose a challenge during the peak of sunlight. The abundance of natural light streaming in from windows can create stark contrasts, making it difficult to capture the true character of a space.

Dynamic Range Dilemma

The harsh sunlight increases the dynamic range within a room. In photography, dynamic range refers to the difference between the darkest and lightest areas in an image. When this range is too big, it becomes challenging to capture details in both well-lit and shadowed areas simultaneously. This can result in photos that look less realistic and fail to showcase the property in its best light.

Cloudy Days: Nature’s Softbox

Cloudy days can be a blessing in disguise. Cloud cover acts as a natural diffuser, softening the sunlight and reducing harsh shadows. This soft, even light is excellent for capturing interiors, especially in homes with limited natural light.

Strategic Timing for Exterior Shots

While the interior benefits from lower sun and cloudy days, exterior shots thrive during the daytime. However, not all daylight is created equal. Aim for times when the sun is not directly overhead, as this can cause unflattering shadows and highlights on the exterior of the property.

While the brightest time of day may work wonders for exteriors, interiors demand a more thoughtful approach. Embrace the lower sun and cloudy days to create stunning, realistic photos that truly showcase the beauty of your listings.

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