Authentic Views – Keeping Windows Real

In real estate photography, realism is important, from accurate color to realistic views. Overly edited photos can give a sense of unease, like the Uncanny Valley effect. Keeping an authentic look helps build trust with home shoppers.

In the photo above, the dark windows pull the viewer’s attention away from the room, and give the impression that the image has been heavily manipulated.

We believe in presenting properties as they truly appear. Darkened windows, while dramatic, distort reality and can leave viewers skeptical about what deceptive editing may have been done. Our approach reflects what one would genuinely see standing in the room, maintaining trust and transparency.

A lighter window view not only portrays the property more accurately but also creates an inviting atmosphere. It enables potential buyers to envision the property in its surroundings, fostering a genuine connection and easing their imagination into life within those walls.

Our goal is to invite home shoppers to visualize themselves living in the property. By providing a realistic perspective, we empower potential buyers to envision their future, making an emotional connection with the space.

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