Have you Received a DMCA Notice of Infringement?

We take copyright infringement seriously, not personally

As a photography company, our photos are our work. We want people to enjoy our photos, but we also need to protect that work from unauthorized use.

We retain the Copyright to all of our works, and pursue damages from any unauthorized use. This can range from something as simple as having photos taken down off of a website to a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit.

I bought the house, Can’t I use the images?

If you want to show the images of the house you just bought to friends and family, that’s great. Where we draw the line is commercial use. If you’re using our work in any way to make money or promote something, you need to pay for a commercial use license. Using the photos to market the property for resale or rent isn’t allowed without a license.

Can I purchase a use License after the fact?

We sell use licenses all the time. If you want to use your listing photos on sites like AirBNB, VRBO or Houfy, we can sell you a license.

If you’ve already used our photos and you’ve had a DMCA Takedown or more serious legal contact, we may decide not to sell you a license.

Need to purchase a photo license?

Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with a price.